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School Pavilion

This zone will purely be an engagement of interactive exhibits and working models by passionate students. Ideas and innovation from the future young minds of the city will set the tone for the festival.

The school pavilion will engage 100+ exhibits from students.

College Pavilion

University students are the key drivers of ideas. The future of our city rests in the hands of these high energetic students. This pavilion will showcase discussions, interactive explorations and models. The college pavilion will engage 50+ exhibits from different colleges. This will be an ideal platform for students to engage with likeminded groups and get deeply involved in the quest for science.

Industry Pavilion

Innovative Industries drive the growth of our economy. An idea is only as good as its execution. The culmination of research & development is showcased in the industry pavilion. This zone will have highly mature and production ready exhibits with more than a sneak peek into the future of science & technology.

Experience Zone

As the name indicates, this zone will have displays on future trends & technologies. People can have first-hand experience and engagement on a lot of fun and cool stuff to name a few such as Robo Wars, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality experiences. This is sure to dazzle you!

The CSTF Experience

  • The festival will be a mix of science & technology with energy and enthusiasm
  • Access to industry experts & innovation intellects
  • Video Conferencing with experts from across the world
  • Giving a global connect & exposure for the students of Coimbatore is the aspiration of this festival
  • SCI-stage will showcase people with some cool ideas for students to understand & get inspired
  • SCI-stage will give a platform for select students to present their path breaking ideas
  • Overall, the festival will be a WOW experience for every participant / visitor

Guidelines for CSTF

  • Entries for Exhibits to be submitted at on or before Dec 7th 2018
  • The submissions will be selected by an expert committee
  • Maximum of 3 students per team + a mandatory faculty
  • Maximum of 2 entries per institution. Entries only through Institution will be accepted
  • Functional & demonstrable models are only allowed
  • Registration fees INR 1,000 per team for the selected exhibits
  • An elite panel of judges will be selecting the winners